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Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on huhtikuu, 2015.

Happy Monday

Some say that Mondays are hard days to go to work and spend there a whole long day. I have to say that although I love my job, at this morning I also felt like "not today". But when I got to the office, it was not that bad. Actually it was really nice! It's just that I have so many interesting things to do also here at home, like doing my study and writing articles about that. So s ometimes I want to do too many nice things at the same time. In my work I like about that there are really friendly and also funny co-workers. Although we work with rough situations, we laugh a lot and have fun together.  And of course there are many nice clients with whom to talk and also laugh sometimes.  And there are so many inspiring things to do. So time really flies when working with them.  Actually I think that I am privileged to have and do my work. Have a nice week!   

Dilemmas in marital relationships and cultural pressure as a part of the solution

I study elderly marital relationships. In my next article I study if these spouses have dilemmas in their relationship with a partner with a psychiatric disorder. As I have read spouses' stories, I have noticed that there are dilemmas in their relationships. Those may concern about taking care of another one, daily routines and closeness. Many of these dilemmas are seen as a result of partner's psychiatric disorder. Sometimes it may not be easy to do it as spouses would like to be. They may perhaps think that it is their duty to take care of sick partner. They also have so long history together, that they would not want it to be ended. Sometimes they may think that people around think they are not supposed to do as they would like to do. In this kind of situations spouses may have to be  quite strong to do it in their own way. It may demand a lot of courage to act as a person want to.

Thank You New York

I visited my first and only time in New York in the year 2013. Then I participated New York Marathon. That is still my best marathon ever. I also crushed into love with this city.   It was nice to walk along the streets. And I  loved to be sitting in the cafe and watch how people go by. I and my friend used to have a really good breakfast and in the evenings we went to McDonald where we had Big Mac and free WiFi. There were many kind of people and they were friendly for me. Although New York is something special, I think that people were same kind than anywhere else people are. They just want to be happy and survive alive in their life.  I will get back to New York one day. I want and need to feel that atmosphere  again . Central Park was one of my favorite places. In one morning before marathon I and my friend ran to Central Park from our hotel near to Madison Square Garden. And as always - before, during and after marathon were we all runners fellows for each oth

Do Something Different Today

Although routines are OK and many times they serve structure for my life, today I decided to do something different every day from now on. At least one thing every day. That's because I feel that I really need something fresh into my life to feel inspired and happy.  It is not about what others do and think. It's all about me, my thoughts and doings. Today I started doing something different by chancing the place of my working place. I also listened different radio station and music than I usually listen. I have to admit that that really is refreshing. As I keep my eyes, ears and mind open and sensitive, I maybe  get new thoughts and views. And then I maybe can see my and others lives more wider and deeper. And also learn something new every day and feel inspired.