Winter time

Now it's time to have some tulips. Those are so beautiful. Even then when those are little bit old and chapped those look beautiful. And white colour tulips are so reduced and elegant.

It's now winter here in Finland. Some days are really cold and then it's nice to spend some time here in our home after work. I have started photographing. It's nice when you find out how your camera work and when you get a nice photograph.

I would also like to read some books, but that seems to be hard for me. I have found only few books that are so interesting that I read them from start to the end.

When we have snow, it also possible to go skiing. That's something I do vere rarely. But instead of that, when it's not soooooooooooo freezing it's nice to go out and enjoy beautiful landscape. This picture has been taken in Levi here in Finland.


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