Keep it simple

It may be hard to believe, but sometimes it makes your life easier when give up shopping. But at first that may not be easy to do. Becaue when you have used to fill up your days with shopping, it may be hard to stay away from shops and do something else instead of that.

My son gave me an aphorism "Collect memories, not things". And that really is wisely said.

I have started my work to create a minimalistic home. Of course there are things I won't give away, but now I will concentrate to that what is essential. And as I have understood it right, the number of things is not the main point in minimalism. In stead of that it is essential that you pick up only those thing that you really need. And maybe you can find new more natural ways to cope. For example you can walk instead of getting by car. And maybe you can spend relaxing moment at home reading book instead of going from shop to shop.

So far I have decreased my cloths. I have also looked at my emails only once or twice a day. And used FB and Instagram only few times during a day. I have also started to listen classic music radio channel and sometimes I have enjoyed the silence. And I say, that really is refreshing. As they say, keep it simple.


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