Thank You New York

I visited my first and only time in New York in the year 2013. Then I participated New York Marathon. That is still my best marathon ever. I also crushed into love with this city. It was nice to walk along the streets. And loved to be sitting in the cafe and watch how people go by. I and my friend used to have a really good breakfast and in the evenings we went to McDonald where we had Big Mac and free WiFi.

There were many kind of people and they were friendly for me. Although New York is something special, I think that people were same kind than anywhere else people are. They just want to be happy and survive alive in their life. 

I will get back to New York one day. I want and need to feel that atmosphere again.

Central Park was one of my favorite places. In one morning before marathon I and my friend ran to Central Park from our hotel near to Madison Square Garden. And as always - before, during and after marathon were we all runners fellows for each others. And there were so many people
cheering along the marathon route. And after marathon I was really tired and happy. I did it! 

That marathon was an experience I will remember always. And I hope I will be able to do that again.

Thank You
New York!


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