Dilemmas in marital relationships and cultural pressure as a part of the solution

I study elderly marital relationships. In my next article I study if these spouses have dilemmas in their relationship with a partner with a psychiatric disorder.

As I have read spouses' stories, I have noticed that there are dilemmas in their relationships. Those may concern about taking care of another one, daily routines and closeness. Many of these dilemmas are seen as a result of partner's psychiatric disorder.

Sometimes it may not be easy to do it as spouses would like to be. They may perhaps think that it is their duty to take care of sick partner. They also have so long history together, that they would not want it to be ended.

Sometimes they may think that people around think they are not supposed to do as they would like to do. In this kind of situations spouses may have to be quite strong to do it in their own way. It may demand a lot of courage to act as a person want to.


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